C • O • M M • U • N I • T • Y

Our Commitment

Community is everything. When Wild + Pine was founded and throughout our early years, we relied significantly on the help of others and our community for guidance. In fact, we still do today – that is why playing an active role within our industry, education, and our environment is incredibly important to us.

Like in our work, Wild + Pine wants to make an impact in everything we do. To honour the countless hours given to us, our commitment is to continuously make an impact in our community.

Wild + Pine Leadership Award


Since 1965, the Alberta Junior Forest Ranger (JFR) program has introduced careers in natural resource management to youth over an annual 7-week summer program. This program, and more importantly, it’s courageous participants explore the beauty of Alberta’s great outdoors while strengthening their connection to the environment. Each year, Wild + Pine recognizes a JFR entering their first year of study with a $500 scholarship.

Are you a current or past JFR entering your first year of study in post secondary? We want to recognize your dedication and leadership – apply now.

Industry, forward

When we contrast our standards to other jurisdictions around the world, Canadians can be proud of the rigorous legislation in place to protect and enhance our environment. However, it is important to understand we now must look through a different lense as we take each step forward. Recognizing that our industries and practice have mis-stepped or undervalued stakeholder interest, is paramount as we navigate towards a sustainable and equitable future. Challenging convention and aligning value will inevitably breed discomfort, but it is a exercise that will strengthen our communities and build resiliency in our forests.

The collective role of natural resource professionals to deliver science-based solutions as they apply to today, have never been more important in the face of a rapidly changing global ecosystem. Wild + Pine’s commitment to our industry is the same to future generations – we will listen, learn, and most importantly, act.

Certified B-Corporation

Being a B Corp is a designation that signifies our business balances purpose with profit. It’s the clearest demonstration possible that Wild + Pine lives up to our values.

This commitment allows us to better fulfill and be accountable to our mission – using our technology and expertise to help governments and environmentally responsible companies grow the old-growth forests of the future to help fight climate change. We’re better ready than ever to help Alberta and Canada get back on track, and proud to be Edmonton’s 8th and Alberta 24th official B Corp.

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    Deploying the world’s most modern technologies, our Bioprism™ Advanced Vertical Greenhouse is the first of its kind at a commercial scale in North America. Utilizing sophisticated multi-spectral horticulture lighting, we can mimic any solar spectrum globally, while tailoring the growth environment for desirable plant characteristics. Our technology allows us to maximize our production over multiple crop rotations annually, limiting our operating footprint and environmental impact.

    While the global economy focuses on reforestation, Wild + Pine Sustainability is pioneering ground-breaking technology to meet the ever-increasing demand.

    to the information economy

    Wild + Pine leverages powerful data insights to deploy our restoration programs, maximizing our positive impact regionally. Simply planting trees is not a solution to global climate change. Our platform harnesses global satellite data to assess biodiversity and species richness, deforestation risk and changes in Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to direct effective nature-based solution programs across Canada.

    Our data-centric approach allows us to confidently deliver climate action solutions with a focus on biodiversity and critical habitat restoration.