Wild + Pine Sustainability creates carbon offset opportunities for corporations through reforestation (nature-based solutions) to meet environment, social, and corporate governance (ESG) metrics. A vital component of our full-circle service offering, our Bioprism™ Advanced Vertical Greenhouse technology, tailors the growth environment to produce optimized tree seedlings for reforestation programs. Our ground-breaking innovations allow Wild + Pine Sustainability to lead the Canadian evolution in sustainability.

Clients & Partners:

Wild + Pine Sustainability serves SME’s to large enterprises engaging in sustainability actions. Focusing on technology and regional impact, we have gained leading partners and clients in aerospace, logistics, retail and research to advance climate action.


Wild + Pine Sustainability is located in Edmonton, Canada, the capital city of Alberta. Edmonton is a gateway to the north and Alberta’s petroleum industries; a perfect crossroads for Wild + Pine Sustainability to make influential environmental impacts.


Democratize Sustainability. Global warming isn’t going to be solved overnight; Wild + Pine Sustainability’s mission is to provide realistic solutions and strategies for corporations to begin their sustainability transformation while creating lasting regional impact.

Canada’s 2 Billion tree reforestation commitment represents a 40% increase in demand from the 615 million tree seedlings planted in Canada annually. In an antiquated industry resistant to change, Wild + Pine Sustainability’s Bioprism™ Advanced Vertical Greenhouse is a celebrated advancement within Canada’s greenhouse industry for tree seedlings.

‘Bioprism’ is a name coined by the facility’s ability to control plant biology, within its rectangular prism structure.

Demand statistics

Tree seedling marketplace:

October 2019:

Government of Canada 2 Billion Tree Planting commitment (250M Trees/yr over 10years)


300% increase in reforestation 2017-2019 (400k -> 1.2M annually)

August 2020:

27 US private companies/NGO’s commit to planting 855M trees

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