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Wild + Pine Sustainability


Wild + Pine Sustainability is Canada’s first full circle, nature-based carbon offset provider.

The Bioprism™ Advanced Vertical Greenhouse, located at the Edmonton International Airport, grows tree seedlings for the restoration of disturbed landscapes across Canada. As light is one of the main environmental signals affecting plant biology, our Bioprism™ utilizes innovative multi-spectral horticulture lighting to control a number of a plant’s physiological responses, such as root and shoot growth, by tailoring light quality, quantity, and photoperiod. As the first of its kind in Canada, our Bioprism™ produces multiple crop rotations annually to meet the rising demand for tree seedlings caused by climate change, wildfire and the mountain pine beetle.

Wild + Pine Sustainability’s core business has been in Alberta’s reclamation industry, restoring industrial developments in the energy sector. Our innovation-driven approach has contributed to industry best practices and ground-breaking technologies, earning partnerships from globally recognized organizations.

Wild + Pine Sustainability was founded to apply a technology-driven approach to the global climate crisis. Leveraging modern horticulture and a data-centric strategy, we create regional sustainability and community-based economic impact.


Founded by environmental scientist and professional forester Chris Kallal in 2011, Wild + Pine Sustainability and the Bioprism™ Advanced Vertical Greenhouse was developed at the Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre (Edmonton).

Wild + Pine Sustainability’s strong operational and natural resource based foundation is a critical component of Canada’s
sustainability evolution.

Succinct summary:

Wild + Pine Sustainability plays a critical role in the global evolution of sustainability, enabling Canadian climate action
initiatives through ground-breaking innovative ecotechnologies.

Wild + Pine Sustainability quotes:

“Where you look at a tree, you are looking at our most effective tool in the regulation of the carbon cycle to mitigate the effects of climate change.” – Chris Kallal, CEO & Founder

“Our Bioprism™ Advanced Vertical Greenhouse can mimic any solar spectrum globally—an effort to give our tree seedlings every chance possible of survival once deployed.” – Chris Kallal, CEO & Founder

“Canadian culture is defined by nature. To protect it and become global leaders in sustainability is paramount.”
– Chris Kallal, CEO & Founder

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