Innovation Capital

Thought Leadership

Innovation is deep-rooted into Wild + Pine’s DNA; we are an agent of transformative change. Our partners and clients trust in our abilities to challenge ideas and bring solutions to life, utilizing the remarkable technology and information that surround us. In an exponential economy, we value experimentation over efficiency to find solutions that make impacts. As a result of the trust and curiosity of our partners and clients, what we create is our Innovation Capital.

UAV Data Acquisition

Forestry | Data Acquisition | AB

Wild + Pine pioneered the commercial use of drones in forestry. Working with the forest industry across the province, our technology 2D & 3D mapped thousands of hectares for uses in silviculture and planning. Eliminating expensive helicopter and labour costs, drone technology allows foresters to focus on data and revisit expansive landscapes for continued management and planning.

Torpedo™ Herbicide

Oil & Gas | Reforestation | AB

When reforesting well sites, competing vegetation is a significant and ongoing challenge. In 2016 Wild + Pine introduced and tested a new herbicide to the reclamation industry: Torpedo™. Now actively being used across the industry and being tested by others–this herbicide is safe, limits impact to non-target vegetation through area specific application, reduces the reliance on other chemicals such as Gylphosate, and provides an ideal growing habitat free of competition for up to 24 months.

Phytoremediation – In Development

Aviation | Remediation | AB

Working with Natural Resources Canada, Switch Engineering, and the Edmonton International Airport–in 2017 Wild + Pine began investigating natural methods in the remediation of Ethylene Glycol: aircraft de-icing fluid. Ethylene Glycol contaminates spring surface runoff in northern airports across the globe and is a complex, annual challenge. Our team and partners tested a variety of vegetation species in their phytoremediation ability, or, to naturally breakdown the substance within the soil. Through our experiments, our team identified a method that not only broke down the Ethylene Glycol with a low risk to the environment, but eliminates the production of methane, a harmful GHG, through its otherwise natural anerobic decomposition.

Bioprism – In Development

Oil & Gas, Forestry | Reforestation | AB

Growing tree and shrub seedlings for land reclamation and forestry is challenging in our northern climate. Reforestation of industrial sites and forestry cut blocks is a mandatory regulatory obligation that Alberta and Canada now excels at – however, with a rising demand due to forest fires, the Mountain Pine Beetle, and our drive to be better stewards of the environment: growing and sourcing these materials has put a strain on the existing nursery and greenhouse system. Wild + Pine is innovating in the production, delivery, and biology of reclamation and reforestation materials to ensure industry and the public has continued confidence in our ability to restore once disturbed landscapes.

Digital Asset Management – In Development

Oil & Gas, Forestry | Data Acquisition | AB

Oil & Gas and Forest Industry operators manage vast landscapes with multiple assets, values, and stakeholders. Wild + Pine fundamentally believes it is imperative that as we transition to an information economy, our services and our client’s products must evolve to remain relevant. Piloted in 2019, this project is focusing on bringing these assets out of the forest and onto the desktop. To aid in the management of these assets across vast operating landscapes, this technology aims to help resource professionals significantly improve accuracy and time management.