Projects + Partners

Lively tapestries of plants and wildlife

From seeds to soil, small- to large-scale jobs, we always adapt our approach to the people and land with which we work. Because, when you partner with us, you tap into an experienced, capable team who offers a wealth of environmental solutions.

Shell Canada

Oil & Gas | Reforestation | Peace River, AB

At the former Shell Peace River Complex, Wild and Pine was tasked with reforesting an abandoned airstrip. Our solution needed to control aggressive vegetation competition, which threatened to overtake any seedlings we planted.

To align with the land and ecosystem, our team planted more than 60,000 tree and shrub seedlings. We identified and created a competition-free zone around desirable species, and then eliminated all noxious weeds. Our work produced insightful data for the NAIT Boreal Research Institute, providing new reforestation knowledge to Alberta’s industries.

NAIT Centre for Boreal Research

Oil & Gas | Reforestation | Peace River, AB

Working with NAIT and the municipal government, our team harvested aspen seeds to reforest on local industrial sites. Because of the species’ narrow collection window, our harvesting practices required perfect timing. Year after year, we produced successful seed lots, helping our clients meet and exceed provincial environmental regulations.


Oil & Gas | Land Management | Conklin, AB

Wild + Pine, CNOOC, and the NAIT Centre for Boreal Research teamed up to test the efficacy of a new pre-emergent herbicide in the reclamation industry. The goal of the trial was to evaluate unconventional herbicides and planting techniques to determine if vegetation management and reforestation can happen concurrently and effectively. Wild + Pine was tasked with treating test plots with herbicide in addition to planting the over 16,000 trees to be studied. Our diligence and attention to detail is helping groups like the NAIT Centre for Boreal Research provide and communicate valuable science and innovation across the reclamation industry.

Imperial Oil

Oil & Gas | Phase II Drilling Access | Cold Lake, AB

Often when Phase II environmental assessments are required, it is on historic sites. These sites are challenging to access and often overgrown, which creates difficulties when drilling for soil samples is required. Working with Wood PLC and Parsons, Wild + Pine’s experienced hand fallers were able to slash overgrown vegetation and create drilling pads off-site for the drilling rig and crew to safely enter. Because of our agile ability, this method of clearing is quick and requires no heavy machinery or crossing agreements.


Oil & Gas | OSE Reclamation | Fort McMurray, AB

Working alongside The Lorrnel Group, Wild + Pine was tasked with assessing hundreds of Oilsands Exploration (OSE) sites to monitor disturbance levels and site health. Our work involved surveying the sites from the air, planning and implementing reclamation activities, and once a healthy site and program were achieved, performing detailed site assessments on the ground. Our efforts have resulted in multiple programs and hundreds of sites receiving reclamation certificates from the Government of Alberta.