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Across Alberta, we bring a myriad of environmental solutions to life.

We’ve developed site-specific strategies, customizing our management methods to what your business, land and ecosystem require.




Harvesting and working with the land, while strategizing for the future—foresters always keep their sights set on the long-term.

As a vital Albertan industry steeped in history, forestry is well-recognized for its strong foundation of sustainable practices. At Wild and Pine, we combine our professional forestry background with emergent environmental technology to build on your successes. We work with our forestry clients to integrate cutting-edge ecosystem restoration methods into your business, boosting productivity and enhancing your reputation.


With the third largest oil reserves in the world, Alberta is an undeniable global player in the energy industry. But, it’s also an international leader in environmental stewardship.

Our regulations are stricter than most realize. When it comes to ecological restoration, it pays to be proactive, rather than reactive. Bringing a nimble, research-focused approach, we work with Albertan energy firms to solve your environmental challenges and integrate sustainable technology into your business. To us, it’s about more than obtaining reclamation certificates. We help our oil and gas clients build positive environmental track records, strengthening your reputation and fostering profitability.

Technology Futures

Albertans face a staggering challenge: How do we grow our economy and industries, while still ensuring our living landscapes thrive?

At Wild and Pine, we answer this call by investing in ideas that advance sustainable technology. Working with local entrepreneurs, businesses and government, we introduce game-changing environmental concepts to our industries. Acting as a technical and creative consultant, we propose viable solutions and offer guidance throughout project delivery. Partner with us to improve both your social image and the lives of Albertans.

2 years

required timeframe for reforestation
after an Albertan harvesting operation concludes

– Government of Alberta