Nature Based Solutions

Tackling our greatest challenge

Wild + Pine not only understands the problem of carbon, but we’re leaning into the solution.

Nature based solutions (NBS) are efforts that utilize natural tools, such as the redevelopment and protection of forests or peatlands, to solve the greatest challenge of our generation: climate change. Combining our extensive field knowledge and today’s most current technology, we are confident our practical experience can be a part of the solution. Our team and partners can provide powerful insights and implementation strategies on how any firm can reduce their carbon footprint.


  • Energy modelling
  • Energy audits
  • Offset program development
  • Site acquisition
  • Propagation & cultivation of tree seedlings
  • Site redevelopment & reforestation
  • Ongoing project maintenance
  • Emission offset registration

“When you look at a tree, you are looking at our best tool in the regulation of the carbon cycle and mitigation of the effects of climate change.”

Dr. Bin Xu, NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Peatland Restoration


% of global climate mitigation solutions can be provided through forms of NBS by 2030.

– Shell Energy


% of Canadians agree we need to take action on climate change.

– National Observer


% chance our efforts can make a difference.