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Offset your carbon footprint.

Every business is different, but we all have one common goal: To change the trajectory of our future. Wild + Pine Sustainability works with your brand to develop a custom, region-specific, ecosystem-resilient climate action plan.

As Canada’s first full circle, nature-based solutions provider, we leverage our ability to innovate with our deep understanding of the Canadian landscape, providing unmatched value and fuelling greater ROI.

Strategy 1: Regenerative Impact

For organizations that want to make an investment in local regenerative impact by contributing to projects that restore natural landscapes, biodiversity, and habitats. These projects offer implementation and cost efficiencies as they do not include long-term monitoring and verification for registered carbon offsets.

Regenerative efforts are best paired with existing climate action strategies, such as emission reductions through active business operations, to help build ecosystem resiliency and structure within the surrounding region.

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Strategy 2: Carbon Neutral

For organizations that have goals to become carbon neutral by a target date. These projects blend desirable market products with a matching regenerative impact. Offset products here can allow carbon neutrality status in the short-term, with the potential for long-term strategic deployment.

Matching reforestation efforts allow organizations to compliment climate neutrality with tangible impact on an annual basis, building a resilient and regenerative forest community. This strategy can be utilized to offset a specific emissions scope, operational line, or the entire organization.

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Associated Product: Offset Emissions
*Carbon Neutral – Defined by the Kyoto Protocol – Scope 1, 2 carbon emissions (scope 3 encouraged) reduced and remainder offset through registered carbon offset products.

Strategy 3: Net-Zero

For organizations that are taking the lead in climate action and making commitments to be Net-Zero. Wild + Pine will develop determined and creative strategies that afford long-term flexibility, freedom, and carbon emission future-proofing for forward-thinking climate action plans.

This approach is based on building a representative forest community with strategic tree canopy volume required for your organization to be self-sustaining by a target year. Self-sustaining is a threshold where the modelled forest has sequestered enough carbon that in combination with active carbon sequestration through its growth, will offset all of the organization’s future annual emissions. As Net-Zero projects are carbon reduction programs, these efforts yield the greatest positive climate impact.

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*Net-zero – Defined by the Paris Agreement, Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions reduced and remainder offset through active carbon reduction projects or offsets from carbon reduction projects


Naturally Resourceful

Since 2011, Wild + Pine has been proud to steward the restoration, renewal, and future of Canada’s diverse forests and ecosystems while supporting progress in our industries. We understand our economy, our community, and the values that hang in the balance of our changing climate.

Wild + Pine will work with your organization to develop, affirm, or advance your sustainability goals utilizing nature-based pathways that benefit our region. Contact Us to learn more.

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