S • O • L U • T • I O • N • S


Offset your carbon footprint.

Every business is different, but we all have one common goal: To bring our best and continually evolve. Wild + Pine Sustainability works with your brand to develop a custom, region-specific, ecosystem-resilient climate action plan.

As Canada’s first full circle, nature-based solutions provider, we leverage our ability to innovate with our deep understanding of the Canadian landscape, providing unmatched value and fuelling greater ROI.



  • Develop a climate action plan according to specific impact metrics.
  • Understand current emissions and identify efficiency opportunities.
  • Find confidence in measured targets and build tailored sustainability programming.


Nature-based solutions

  • Understand reforestation or afforestation program suitability across various regions.
    Identify registered afforestation carbon offset opportunities and meet sustainability objectives.
  • Develop short-term or long-term impact legacies.
  • Balance climate impact across operations.
  • Improve stakeholder relations.
  • Build positive regional impact opportunities.



  • Meet corporate sustainability benchmarks.
  • Source trusted and verified offsets.
  • Contribute to regional or global initiatives.
  • Engage customers with actionable tools.
  • Communicate immediate and measurable sustainability action.

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