Explore our ready-made and custom sustainability solutions.

We offer tailored climate action packages and solutions for small, medium and large businesses, individuals and households, as well as for conferences and events. With targeted, measurable and actionable initiatives, we leverage the most current data and technology to make meaningful climate impact.

Sponsor Trees

Tree purchases support the planting of trees in projects that restore biodiverse habitats and contribute to returning landscapes to their natural form.i

Our trees are deployed in two different project types across Western Canada

  • Infill planting projects: An additive ecosystem intervention to aid in the progression of the forest to an advanced successional stage and healthier forest structure.
  • Afforestation projects: Restore areas of the natural landbase that have been degraded or converted to alternative uses. Landscapes are reconstructed and monitored over time to support a diversity of species, ecological function, and future resilience amidst an uncertain future.




Offset Emissions

To maximize positive impact in our region while providing an effective and verified emission reduction, we offer offsets accompanied by an equal investment in trees as an additive, regenerative solution. We plant two trees for each tonne of carbon offset.i

We offer offsets from a blended portfolio of two projects:

  • Great Bear: Improved Forest Management Project Located in the North and Central-Mid Coast & Haida Gwaii, B.C., Canada. This project is executed under the BC Forest Carbon Offset Protocol (FCOP).
  • Pavagada Solar: 90 MW solar power project Located in Karnataka State, India. This project is executed under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).