Forest B 07.20.21


Forest B is a nature-based climate action opportunity designed for Canada’s B Corp community. This collective action initiative will bring together leaders in Canadian business in taking tangible steps towards a livable future.


Deployment: Summer 2021
Conservation Partner: Nature Conservancy of Canada
Location: Red Deer County, AB
Area: 25ha / 62ac
Natural Sub Region: Aspen Parkland
Historical Use: Agriculture
Restoration Method: Afforestation
Total Seedlings: 57,000 trees & shrubs

With approximately 25 hectares of formerly agricultural land to be restored, Wild + Pine has prepared a plan for the site that calls for approximately 57,000 seedlings of Trembling Aspen, Balsam Poplar, Paper Birch, White Spruce, and Larch. Complementary shrub species of Red Osier Dogwood, Green Alder, and Sandbar willow will also be planted.

While trees are the most recognized and visible elements of a forest, Wild + Pine’s projects focus on the development of diverse ecosystems. For each tree planted, Wild + Pine creates the scaffolding for a biodiverse understory and regenerative habitat for native plant and animal species. with selected species that represent surrounding forest community, and succession stage.

Afforestation projects reconstruct areas of the natural land base that have been degraded or converted to alternative uses, such as agriculture or mining. Formerly rich in biodiversity, this critical habitat has been removed from the productive forest landscape, exacerbating the negative effects of human development and ecosystem integrity.

Forest B lands at the intersection of public interest and corporate social responsibility. With a significant amount of attention on the behaviours and actions taken by companies regarding the environment, Forest B provides a tangible opportunity to have a positive impact on Canada’s Landscapes and local economies. Join us and other Canadian BCorp’s to sponsor this monumental restoration effort.