EST. 2022

Wild + Pine is committed to responsibly offering sustainability leaders the opportunity to scale nature-based carbon removals in StoneWoods Forest Carbon. The afforestation project targets the restoration of 3,700 acres of land, projected to remove one megaton of carbon over its lifecycle for generations to come.

StoneWoods Forest Carbon is built by organizations who recognize the power, scale, and security Canadian forests deliver to a balanced carbon removal portfolio. Partnering with Wild + Pine on the restoration of healthy and vibrant forest ecosystems is an investment in:

  • Multigenerational, high-integrity carbon removals responsibly scaled to create value for communities in the region
  • Secure, de-risked carbon emissions portfolio created with local experts
  • Place-based economic impact to address the dual crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Since opening the project in 2022, Wild + Pine has already fully subscribed 3 project phases, covering 1,500 acres of land.

Phase I – 90 ha – Fully subscribed, under active restoration

Phase II – 130 ha – Fully subscribed, under active restoration

Phase III – 390 ha – Fully subscribed, breaking ground Spring 2024

Phase IV – Open for subscription**

Trees play a crucial role in mitigating the impact of the climate crisis. Through the StoneWoods project, Wild + Pine is providing a network of climate allies with high-quality carbon removal assets. Establish your position as a global climate leader by subscribing to Phase IV of StoneWoods Forest Carbon today to activate your impact in the 2025 planting season.


Founding Brands:

Sustainable Development Goals

Increase the connectivity of Alberta’s vital Central Parkland landscape, restoring the connectivity of wildlife corridors and the diverse forest structure needed for vibrant ecosystems is essential in improving the celebrated traditional use and rich history our province holds.

Rebalancing our shared planet through enhanced nature-based solutions, building truly additional direct-to-client carbon removals.

Addressing the dual crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss.

We are proud to leverage the power of collective action, our strength is in our partnerships.


Build legacy carbon removal assets with impact

Transform the environment by building the old growth forests of the future.