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Regenerative impact, at home.

We’ve been leading regional and national reforestation projects since 2011 bringing 360° solutions to clients and partners alike.

While trees are the most recognized and visible elements of a forest, Wild + Pine focuses projects on the development of diverse ecosystems and structure. For each tree that is strategically planted, Wild + Pine creates a scaffold for a biodiverse understory and regenerative habitat for native plant and animal species.

Project I: Forest-B

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Forest B is a nature-based climate action opportunity designed for Canada’s B Corp community. This collective action initiative will bring together leaders in Canadian business in taking tangible steps towards a livable future. Located near Pine Lake, AB, this monumental project will restore 25 hectares with over 57,000 trees & shrubs.

Project II: Capital Biosphere – Carbon ’22

Launching Q3 2021

Connecting landscapes for conservation is vital to support healthy ecosystems. Launching in late Q3 2021, Focal II project will converge verified nature-based carbon offsets and habitat restoration to reduce forest fragmentation for ecosystem-level resiliency in the face of climate change. Through the establishment and support of biodiversity across the landscape, restoration here will strengthen the quickly changing terrestrial habitat in the face of drought and wildfire. The 2022 Capital Biosphere Carbon project will be the second offering of its kind in Canada.

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Wild + Pine is looking for partners and we want to hear from you. From conservation groups, landowners, strategic alliances, to technology provider – we’re in the business of regenerating our planet. If you or your organization can help expand our positive impact and reach, we want to make a difference together.

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