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Explore our carbon sequestering projects from across Canada.

We’ve been leading regional and national reforestation projects since 2011. From strategists and technologists to foresters and environmental consultants, our team brings 360° solutions to clients and partners alike.

Focal I: Capital Biosphere, AB

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Included in the Capital Biosphere focal area is the Upper North Saskatchewan River Basin, Cooking Lake Moraine, and Red Deer Conservation areas.

Formed over thousands of years by natural processes, the Capital Biosphere boasts an abundance of wetlands, lakes, rivers and forests that are habitat for a variety of native and migratory wildlife.

Conservation efforts, combined with rugged terrain, have largely protected the area from urbanization. However, due to rapidly expanding municipalities nearby, Alberta’s Capital Biosphere is now under threat.

Focal II: BC, Canada

Launching Q3 2021

Connecting landscapes for conservation is vital to support healthy ecosystems. Launching in Q3 2021, Focal II project areas converge to reduce forest fragmentation for ecosystem-level resiliency in the face of climate change. Through the establishment and support of biodiversity across the landscape, restoration here will strengthen the quickly changing terrestrial habitat in the face of drought and wildfire.

Focal III: ON, Canada

Launching Q3 2021

Stewardship is at the heart of Focal III in eastern Canada’s most diverse and sensitive forests. Valuable hardwoods and anthropogenic developments have placed pressure within the province’s natural areas where for many, they discovered their love for the natural world. Protecting and restoring these critical habitats will leave a legacy in sustainability and further develop a benchmark of Canada’s commitment to our environment.

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