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Growing Canada’s next generation of forests with industry-leading technology.


Wild + Pine develops net-zero carbon capture projects through the restoration of Canada's forests.

We help our partners become the architect of our nation’s future forests through ambitious corporate climate action. Harnessing our legacy of rebuilding disturbed landscapes and passion for advancing technology, Wild + Pine deploys world-class carbon capture opportunities through sound, credible, and impact focused forest conservation projects.


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Wild + Pine recognizes the emergency of climate change.

While we have contributed significantly to this global problem, we do not bear the acute burden of the impact. Our Canadian nature-based projects help accelerate the movement towards net-zero emissions to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental inequity. 

Nature-based Net-Zero

Wild + Pine is leading Western Canada in establishing verified and credible nature-base carbon removal projects. Through the power of collective action, our partners support the establishment of regional afforestation projects to produce future high-quality carbon offsets that strategically align with corporate net-zero goals alongside the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These projects further insulate our partners from the rapidly inflating open carbon market.

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"Not only does Wild + Pine understand the emergency that climate change presents, they're also taking action to address it."

 – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his visit to Wild + Pine in April 2022

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