E • C • O T • E • C H • N • O L • O • G I • E • S

Experimentation over Efficiency

At the core of our business, transformative change drives our everyday actions. Wild + Pine is just a small piece of the global puzzle that challenges itself to solve our population’s greatest threat.

Although small, our organization takes moonshots. Acting on climate change is the moonshot of our generation that will require the most creative and dynamic approaches to solve. Tireless experimentation is the hallmark of our practice – a practice Wild + Pine optimistically drives forward every hour to further build an ecosystem of contagious innovation.

Advanced Vertical Greenhouse

Phyto-remediation, Methane Reduction

Ethylene Glycol, or aircraft de-icing fluid, contaminates surface runoff in every major northern airport across the globe. Through its natural anaerobic decomposition, Methane is produced and presents a complex, annual challenge. In partnership with Natural Resources Canada and Switch Engineering, Wild + Pine Sustainability developed a hardwood shrub species that effectively stabilizes and degrades Ethylene Glycol within the plant, eliminating the production of Methane.

Leveraging nature-based solutions such as phytoremediation, we encourage and further strengthen our ability to solve global climate challenges.

Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR

Accurately measuring and building forest inventory is a resource and time intensive endeavor, a practice magnified in Canada’s boreal forest. Exploring efficiencies often involves costly implements such as aircraft or operationally restrictive tools like drones, bearing a threshold of granularity and accuracy. In 2019, Wild + Pine began exploring tools that put technology in the hands of practitioners on the ground, with a focus on balancing operational efficiency and precision data collection.

Not only do our tools and methods remove human error and interpretation variance; they allow the forest to come to life on our client’s desktop. Merging technology, artificial intelligence, and automation – our practice builds the digitization and sustainable management capability of our forests, Canada’s greatest asset.

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    Deploying the world’s most modern technologies, our Bioprism™ Advanced Vertical Greenhouse is the first of its kind at a commercial scale in North America. Utilizing sophisticated multi-spectral horticulture lighting, we can mimic any solar spectrum globally, while tailoring the growth environment for desirable plant characteristics. Our technology allows us to maximize our production over multiple crop rotations annually, limiting our operating footprint and environmental impact.

    While the global economy focuses on reforestation, Wild + Pine Sustainability is pioneering ground-breaking technology to meet the ever-increasing demand.

    to the information economy

    Wild + Pine leverages powerful data insights to deploy our restoration programs, maximizing our positive impact regionally. Simply planting trees is not a solution to global climate change. Our platform harnesses global satellite data to assess biodiversity and species richness, deforestation risk and changes in Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to direct effective nature-based solution programs across Canada.

    Our data-centric approach allows us to confidently deliver climate action solutions with a focus on biodiversity and critical habitat restoration.