Bioprism Advanced Vertical Greenhouse (AVG)

Wild + Pine is utilizing industry-leading horticulture technology to grow Canada’s future forests while building Canada’s future greenhouses – learn more below.

Our Philosophy

An ecosystem of innovation

At the core of our business, transformative change drives our everyday actions. Wild + Pine is proud to work with our partners to challenge the status quo and mitigate the greatest threat to face humanity – climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Although small, our organization takes moonshots. Acting on climate change is the greatest moonshot of our generation that will require the most creative and dynamic solutions. Tireless action and dedication is the hallmark of our practice – a practice Wild + Pine optimistically drives forward every hour to further build an ecosystem of innovation and impact.

Advanced Horticulture

Advanced Vertical Greenhouse (AVG)

Wild + Pine was not comfortable with the status quo and, as part of its commitment to the industry, developed the Bioprism Advanced Vertical Greenhouse. Bioprism AVG is the first commercial production of native tree and shrub seedlings in an artificial vertical greenhouse.

The technology optimizes growing conditions and has successfully produced a large yield of crops per year, while utilizing less resources and land.

Wild + Pine intentionally deploys its talent and technologies to meet the rising demand for sustainability products and programs.

Bioprism AVG Highlights:

Multispectral Lighting

Tailored environmental control for optimized plant physiology through geographically specific light spectrums to mimic any solar spectrum globally.

Recycled Water

Even nutrient delivery system with closed loop irrigation for effective water recycling and 90% efficiency.

Smart Systems

Intelligent and automated environmental control through cloud-based systems enables precision management and risk mitigation.

In the news:

Our commitment

Challenge, accepted.

To tackle climate change it is important that we take the incremental, yet impactful, steps forward as an industry and a profession. Wild + Pine firmly believes that the solutions to the climate crisis will be found within the ingenuity and agility of the small business community, a true David vs. Goliath story.

Building truly additional legacy forest projects is what Wild + Pine is good at, and it’s what our clients pay us to do. But – a lower carbon, livable future isn’t just a future with a few more trees in it; it’s a future that is equitable, safe, circular, electric, transparent, inclusive, and the list goes on. To us, it’s a future that addresses the gaps and inefficiencies of how we as an industry operate today. This is why our work goes beyond what our clients hire us to do.

Innovation creates impact, and no matter the size or the scale, our commitment is to lead that effort on behalf of the clients that place their trust in Wild + Pine.

Below is a snapshot of the things we’re passionate about to advance our profession and industry.

Precision forestry

See the forest for
(more than) the trees.

A common expression used in everyday life, it is now often heard when celebrating many of the novel technologies that are influencing the management of natural resources. While Wild + Pine certainly agrees technology has  limitless potential, our vast, landscape-scale operating environments challenge the approach. Terabytes of homogenous data ensue. 

Data-driven technologies have been both a blessing and a curse, as the effort to reach a deeper level of valuable precision has resulted in an unmanageable and costly dataset.

Soon enough, machine learning, AI, and robotics will be in the toolbelt of Wild + Pine and other land managers. However, the ones that see the forest for its patterns, rather than its trees, will be the ones who are successful.

Let's talk waste

We have a problem.

Despite the positive intentions of tree planting efforts and organizations, the negative externalities of each and every seedling that goes into the ground are concerning. 

Each year, tree seedling production in Canada exceeds 600 million units alone. The majority of these seedlings are wrapped in single-use plastic wrap, and transported in non-recyclable, wax-coated cardboard boxes. Oftentimes, these packaging materials are only in use for a matter of days.

Thousands of kilometers of plastic wrap, and hundreds of thousands of wax boxes are burned or enter the landfill every year. Wild + Pine is guilty of perpetuating this waste stream as well. We have to figure this out because it is not OK.

Wild + Pine knows best that change doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re committed to helping find the economical solutions our industry needs. If you have the opportunity to come into Wild + Pine for a tour, ask us about our progress. If you are engaging in another reforestation project, ask about theirs. We work best under pressure.


But we don't stop there.

We’re leading the sustainable path forward with world-class thought leadership, creating a remarkable innovation ecosystem. Our strength is in our partnerships. Innovation is in our results.