On Monday night, I received my annual reminder of our place in the market and why my decision to pivot Wild + Pine was of sound judgement. The choice to double-down on technology, allow our purpose to serve our community, and to lean into our passion to rebuild Canada’s forests may have been a cloudy sell back then – but is rather a design that is crystal clear today.

Penned by the co-founder of the world’s largest asset manager, this year’s Annual Letter to CEO’s from Larry Fink highlighted an element that has often been casted as a weakness of Wild + Pine. In response, early last year one of our team members suggested that we change the narrative on the size of our organization; what was once our greatest weakness is actually our greatest strength. Wild + Pine may not have the most robust procedures in place, an accounting department, and we are likely going to screw up more than once – but what we do have – is a unique ability to represent an evolving community-led marketplace, to build and test game-changing technologies, and to pair a relentless drive of creativity with the challenge of convention.

Whether it is a theme in this year’s annual letter by Larry Fink, or urged by David Attenborough at COP 26: the solutions to our generations greatest threat will be an industrial revolution driven by the creativity and curiosity of our small business community. Over the last 18 months, Wild + Pine’s work has shaped reforestation in Canada into a verified and credible asset class as a carbon offset, and developed greenhouse technology that advances regional biodiversity while optimizing production on a smaller footprint. We hope to lead this turning point and redefinition of our province’s identity through the power of a tree seedling.

Today, experimenting or taking a chance on hiring small businesses and innovators is no longer seen as a risk, but rather a strategic direction that insulates and aids our global business community to adapt in an ever-changing economy.

Please do me a favor: give this year’s letter a read, watch our video, and share this post – Alberta and Canada have a talented and brilliant small business community waiting to be unleashed.

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