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Strolling around our webpage, you’ll see us mention: “while we have contributed significantly to this global problem, we do not bear the acute burden of the impact” – what do we mean by this?

Here in Canada, we have the fortune of many comforts in life. The freedom to start a family or a business, strong governance and a reliable economy, health care, the ability to retire. Most notably and often overlooked, however, is a place to call home that has been historically sheltered from repeated environmental events that cause significant and ongoing harm – such as droughts, flooding, and hurricanes. We are also reassured through our vibrant public systems that afford us the technology and ability to respond and care for our neighbors when these devastating events do take place.

We have been gifted an incredible opportunity and freedom to call Canada our home. Although our country is the second largest by landmass with one of the lowest global population densities, we are not insulated from the impact of climate change, and further, the disproportionate impact of the emissions we create. Fact: Canada as a region is ranked 2nd globally for carbon emissions per capita (t/year) – this is shocking, and given our good fortune and abilities, unacceptable. Like a paper cup tossed out from a vehicle, Canada cannot be seen to be littering the global neighborhood no matter how small the impact.

Source: Visual Capitalist – December 1, 2021

So, what do we mean when we say “while we have contributed significantly to this global problem, we do not bear the acute burden of the impact”?

In a recent New York Times publication, this understanding becomes shockingly real.

While Canada has seen a difficult year; towns destroyed, families torn apart, loved ones lost – this pain we are feeling right now – has been an ongoing reality throughout our global community for decades. The impact of our lifestyles and the emissions we create are magnified in other parts of our world.

We have to do better. As we are painfully learning – climate change is the first threat that our borders can’t keep out, and unfortunately, is also an impact our borders don’t keep in.

 – CK

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